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Who are we?

Transforming Africa through Arts

     With a foundation in culture, Nu Spirits is a non for profit organisation created by entrepreneurs, artists, and designers of African descent that work together. Although we are an international creative network also based in London and Cotonou  and New York;


Our goal as a collective is to preserve the essence of cultural arts as we believe it can play a large part in improving the education and lives of Black children and *their collectivities* around the world. Our ethos/aim is to teach/promote a lifestyle that encourages understanding ourselves better in order to live harmoniously with others and our environment. This is clearly seen in our creative projects & initiatives. Through the arts, we commit ourselves to awaken the talents  within each individual needed to fulfill personal, social, and global responsibilities for a better world. 

Our partners in action!

akala atelier.jpg
Arts & re-cycle tyres into furnitures
Architecture & designs with Cabinet du Soleil

Discover Ganvie, the Village on water

 "Be a part of our Community"

Small or big, there's many ways you can support NU Spirits and help build a happy, healthy and wealthy creative communities worldwide.

Here are just some of the ways you can get involved today.

We would love to hear your ideas , so please don't hesitate tell us about them!




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