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WELL BEING "Cultivate the Arts of living" 

Covid 19 global crisis marks the beginning of a new era.                 

 The world's top priority is now health.

Well-being is the essence of Happiness.

At Nu Spirits,  we promote good health Through the Arts. 

With a lifestyle rooted in Nature, we cultivate the  fundamental  creative elements for success.

Creativity & well being courses for personal  development 



 Anytime, Anywhere

Crafted Retreats

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Baobab, The Sacred  tree of life

     Native to tropical Africa, the Baobab tree, a member of the bombacaceae family, is also called the "magic tree", "pharmacist tree" or "tree of life". Being able to reach 20 meters high and a waist of 38 meters, it imposes by its imposing size... but also its numerous benefits! Indeed, as you will see in this article, baobab powder has unsuspected benefits.

   There are so many benefits to consuming Baobab including:
• providing 33% of our need for vitamins including vitamins C, A, B1, B2 and essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron and manganese.

  • helps balance blood sugar levels 

  • one of the highest Alkaline foods. Alkaline foods helps to balance our body's PH levels

fruits du baobab.jpg

    The fruit is also called "monkey bread", since it also appeals to these animals, who like to climb trees to pick the fruit. The tree produces a fruit that dries naturally on the tree before being harvested. The seeds are removed and the pulp is ground into a powder and finally sieved.

baobab fruit.jpg

  The baobab seed is not only used to give birth to a new baobab specimen. It can also be used, even consumed, for its health benefits. Moreover, if in its native land the baobab is the symbol of longevity, it is not by chance.

Self-discipline through daily routine 


    Yoga is a fun way that not only encourages children to work with one another but allows them to exercise in a more settled manner. 

eau qui coule.webp

   Yoga perfectly incorporates and balances exercising the mind and body. Yoga involves the most simple bodily stretches with an emphasis on breathing. Beyond flexibility, it increases concentration and reduces feelings of anxiety. 

Nu Spirits as a collective, works to support and sustain local infrastructure. This requires us to work with the natural resources in Africa  rather than outsourcing and exporting materials.

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In collaboration with the CIAAC, the local community are involved in the entire process of production right up to the packaging. 

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